Looking at a different area — Sherlock Holmes (1984 TV series)

«The price of quality is often the unique imprint they leave.»
Sherlock Holmes

While the 2010 «Sherlock» was flashy and a nice adaptation of a classic to modern times (even though I think only two episodes were really good), nothing beats the original. Or a series that tries to be close to the original. In this case, the stories by Sir Arther Conan Doyle.

And watching most of the rather faithful 1984 «Sherlock Holmes» series — dang, what a world. The style, the social interactions, the aspiration to be better, having standards … beautiful world. Of course, in reality, it probably did suck and many things probably were painful as hell (take dentristy for an obvious example), but still.

I wonder what we can learn from these times — or rather, from the best of our imagination of those times.

In any case, beautiful timeless series in a beautiful setting.

Highly recommended.


Update: I got a comment by David to this posting. He points to his Sherlockian website at www.johnhwatsonmd.com that might be interesting. Although he writes “The website is being slowly reconstructed after it was hacked last year (I assume by some of Moriarty’s henchmen).” (Yep, backups, backups, backups … which reminds me to do a backup again … oops.) He also points to an equivalent audio version: the Clive Merrison and Michael Williams Sherlock Holmes series produced by the BBC by Bert Coules. Thank you for the comment and the tips 🙂