«Early to rise, early to bed, makes a man wealthy, but socially dead!»
Yakko Warner

A while ago, I switched my sleep pattern from being a night owl to getting up at 5 am. That’s early, but not that early. I tried 4 am, but … well, that idea died quite quickly. I was just too off with the rest of society to make it work.

But 5 am is actually a good time to get up.

You can walk to work at around 6 am, which means streets are usually somewhat empty. You can get some work done without any interruption. And you can walk home when others still have to work.

Overall, a nice mixture of being on time with others and being on your own time.

Might be something worthwhile to try out … takes a few weeks to establish, but once you have established it, you wake up at 5 am even on weekends.


(If you want to do some things.)