YouTube Styles

«Good morning, everybody,» then turned to the tall, distinguished figure at the front of the crowd. Mr. Golde, doyen of the Press Club, might have been the original inspirer of the butler’s announcement: «Three reporters, m’lud, and a gentleman from The Times.» He dressed and behaved like a diplomat of the old school: no-one would ever hesitate to confide in him, and no-one had ever regretted it subsequently.
Arthur C. Clarke – Childhoods End

If you want to do YouTube videos, there are lots and lots of options. Here is a collection of a few YouTube video styles I stumbled upon.

Channel Design

Interviews (Remote, Studio, Panels)

Showing Website Information

Slide Design Transitions

Speaker Information

Speaker Whiteboard

Speaker with Slides

Solo Speaker

Studio Setups

Tips and Tricks

Video Props

Video Title Designs

There are more, but it’s a nice selection.