Personal Cookbook

Food as an aphrodisiac was not a concept that had ever caught on in Lancre, apart from Nanny Ogg’s famous Carrot and Oyster Pie.[32]
[32] Carrots so you can see in the dark, she’d explain, and oysters so’s you’ve got something to look at.
«Lords and Ladies» by Terry Pratchett

One of the great things about the internet is that information is available digitally. You can easily copy and paste text and download images (or do screenshots from videos). And with that information the world is your oyster.

One area in which I used digitally available information was in creating my own “best of” cookbook. Well, “best of” in the sense of the recipes I really liked.

It’s not that difficult, personally I used Keynote (yup). Like with the Bullet Journal, just creating a presentation with slides in the size of the iPad screen. Then creating a slide master with the necessary information (e.g., title, image placeholder) and then … well, just add the recipes you like.

Images on the pages from various sources.

And of course, you can replace the images from various websites with your own (smartphone or iPad photos) over time, giving it a much more … realistic flair.

Also, one of the nice things is that I could (almost as) easily modify the version to have it printed with a book on demand service. Well, unless they reject the content due to violated copyright, but as long as you are not attempt to sell it, it could work out (did not have this problems with just-for-fun private quotation books, for example). Would be nice if the book is ever “finished”.

But for now the cookbook works well on my iPad, and given its weather resistant rugged cover, I have no problems using it in the kitchen.

So yeah, maybe something to try out.