Interesting Podcast/Vidcast Episodes

«I need to provide for my family.»
«But provide what exactly? The understanding that money is the most important thing or the idea that the only life worth living is the one that you are really passionate about?»

Something I started ages ago and still continue doing: listening to podcast/vidcast episodes when walking (pays to walk to and from work for about 30 minutes each and every non-vacation day; also great when walking to/in/from the store). Well, I do convert the vidcasts to mp3s. Only disadvantage of listening to the episodes is that I completely ignore most of the environment, but okay.

It’s a great way to be confronted with different points of view.

Some recommended Postcasts/Vidcasts:

Currently under observation (could turn out to be good, but unsure)

Three interesting episodes:

Clip via YouTube: Tim and Jack Debate Standing Up for Principles or Trying to do Right by Kids.

Also I would be questioning whether you can really learn virtue by acting without virtue. A bit like the quote in the beginning.

Listened to it via Apple Podcasts, but also on YouTube: Fireside Chat Ep. 204 — Why Homeschool Is Winning.

Also listened to it via Apple Postcasts but also on YouTube: The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast: Will Things Get Better? | Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying.

All worth listening to.