Building something with your hands

Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cures for depression.
«I Capture The Castle» by Dodie Smith

Things are pretty depressing at the moment — somehow the pandemic, or rather the over-blow moral panic, get’s worse and worse. Well, not a fan of noble deeds, and unfortunately I do not have a bathtub (but if I move again in the town I live in, the next apartment will — hopefully — have one), but I think building something with your own hands comes at a close third.

Personally, I had creating a bed frame on my list for a while, eventually one that can be put in an angle (due to reflux issues), but a solid frame first. And, yeah, it’s nice to build something with one’s own hands again. Not only doing the frame itself, but also transporting the materials (sucks when you don’t own a car, but on the other hand, free exercise during the three 20-minutes each way trips so far).

And yeah, it’s rough, crude, functions … hopefully well enough, but yeah, bed frame version 1.0. Casualty: one drill — broke off — and one blister in the middle of my palm from the screwdriver. Also learned that you can really sink screws when you use a power drill as a screwdriver.

The frame itself. There are better ways to construct it, but for a first version, yeah. And yup, I still use an iPad attached to a monitor arm to read in comfort lying on my back.
The tatami mat is rather hard, but I like it this way.

Next up will be finding a way to angle it in a stable manner. Btw, planning the angle — that’s actually something I needed geometry from school again. I had to find out the angle of a bed frame when it is raised 30cm on one end and 2m long. At least if I want to level the supports, which I plan to do. Luckily, there are websites that do the math when you enter the information you have (30 cm, 200 cm, 90° angle).

But for now, yeah, it was just the right thing to get all that depressing stuff out of my mind for a while. And woo-hoo, might improve the sleep, esp. once it is at an angle. (Or it might suck, I’ll find out tonight. 😉 )