Entrepreneurship during Crises vs Fairness

Why do some people act as if making money offended their delicate minds? I am out for a legitimate profit, and not ashamed of it; the fact that people will pay money for my goods and services shows that my work is useful.
«Magic Inc.» by Robert A. Heinlein

A German news site (forgot the source, sorry) wrote that those who enriched themselves by the crises have to pay [“diejenigen, die sich an der Krise bereichert haben müssen zur Kasse gegeben werden”]. Note the use of the term “enriched” with its negative connotations indicating that greed or unethical behavior was at play.

Unfortunately, this attitude is typical for Germany, a country in which envy is quite common, incl. if people worked hard for their money.

And sure, there are cases in which people have used unethical methods to make money (politicians doing business with mask and vaccine manufacturers come to mind, esp. when de-facto mandatory vaccinations are introduced by making being unvaccinated prohibitively expensive and time-consuming via tests). But if I remember it correctly, the target of that assertion was entrepreneurs in general, i.e., those who looked at the situation and found ways to offer services that others were willing to pay for.

And (also) sure, I find it hard to swallow that companies like Amazon made lots of money while physical stores (esp. in inner cities) were forced to close down or reduce their customer numbers. Overall, I guess that most large companies profited a lot, while many small stores faced hardships or closed down.

But going after entrepreneurs is a really bad idea. Especially if these people were able to make a profit, i.e., we offering services that were requested and for which people were willing to pay for. After all, these are the people who took a great risk. Having them pay more than they do anyway (taxes in Germany are extremely high) will only extinguish that entrepreneurial spirit.

And we need these quick-acting actors with innovative and ingenious ideas, esp. when the next crisis hits. And for that to happen they need to know that — if they are successful (which only a few are) — they can keep the money they earned.