Sharing an iPad or iPhone Screen when Using WebEx on the Mac

«Perhaps it’s not fair to expect surprise and delight from smartphones anymore.»
Kirby Ferguson

We use WebEx at work, and after they promoted using WebEx (instead of the older Cisco WebEx Meetings App), I noticed that you can easily share your iPhone or iPad screen during a WebEx conversation when using the MacBook.

Just connect the iPad or iPhone with USB to the MacBook, then go to a meeting within the WebEx App (haven’t seen the option in a team room), and you can share the screen of the connected iPhone or iPad. (Not sure whether I had both devices in the same WLAN before.)

You have to start a meeting within the WebEx App (not the WebEx Meeting App and not a normal WebEx room).
Shared screen from the iPad (yeah, nothing to see here). But it works.


Could be nice for remove usability tests when you use the camera of the MacBook to look at the person’s reaction and see the screen of the device at the same time (instead of doing the whole tests with WebEx running on the mobile device).