External SSD for Quick Backups

But I thought YOU did the backups …

Digital data is ephemeral. A lightning strike, a glass of wine, even wear and tear can damage the device and the data is lost. But in contrast to paper, you can do external backups. No need of an abbey of monk scribes, just copy them to an external storage.

But backups can take quite some time.

My usual backup drives were Western Digital Elements hard disk drives. I usually did use 2 TB drives, but they are available up to … 5 or more TB now. And that’s great. But they are also rather slow. Just how slow became obvious when I was trying out a San Disk SSD — and it wasn’t even the fastest one. “Only” 500 MB/s. And damn does that make a difference. From (likely literally) hours to, well, doing a quick evening backup before going to bed. And it’s small and lightweight. Cool:

Small and lightweight — and holds 2 TB.

I’ll still use the normal hard disk drives — not sure yet how reliable the SSD is. I trust the Western Digital hard disk drives, the solid state drive has still to earn my trust. But damn.

Originally I wanted to use it for editing photos/videos, but now … I’ll keep using it for backups. Editing I do occasionally, but backup — that I need and must do frequently.

Might be something to try out.