An UN Controlled Earth makes for really scary Sci-Fi in “The Expanse”

«Did you know that the majority of people on Earth don’t have jobs? They don’t work at all. They live on Basic Assistance, which the government provides.»
«I did know that.»
«You call them ‹takers›, I believe.»
«Yes, ma’am.»
«It’s not that they’re lazy, you know. It’s just that we can’t give them enough opportunities.»
The Expanse

“The Expanse” is a rather interesting sci-fi series. I recently started to read the books it’s based on, and so far, they are written very well. But that world is also scary as hell, mostly due to the UN, and it’s (apparent) role on Earth.

The quotation above, or the video here (as long as YouTube doesn’t censor it):

shows why: “… we can’t give them enough opportunities.”

Holy fuck — since when is it the purpose of the government to give opportunities. The government should get out of the way, at most, remove obstacles. But its role is not to “give opportunities”.

And it gets better, well, worse, in that world:

«So you’re a doctor?»
«I put myself on the vocational training list when I was 17 years old. I’m 52 now. Still waiting for my slot.»
The Expanse

or again, as a video:

That world … that death of individual initiative, is hell.

Worse than hell.