Presentation: Persuasive Technology (and Gamification and Nudging) in the Context of Climate Change Apps (or rather: ecologically friendly behavior) [in German]

«My dear, you and your comrades listen to each other too much.»
«The Moon is a Harsh Mistress» by Robert A. Heinlein

A colleague asked me to do a presentation on persuasive technology, gamification, and nudging for a workshop (more or less a hackathon) which deals with climate change apps. I have a rather different perspective on the subject — there’s a reason for the intro about target groups — and even though it’s in German, it was fun and it might be interesting for others as well:

The start is a bit rough (recording started during the intro, and there are some sounds and mouse movements by the person who recorded the presentation), but I’m happy about constructive criticism. I did the presentation via Discord and could only see my Keynote app. No contact with the audience, could not even see the chat during the presentation (or whether my Internet connection was still good). That was rather taxing. But overall, it’s okay’ish.

And yeah, no matter how you view climate change — there is something to be said for ecologically-friendly behavior. And frankly, I am concerned that a strong focus on climate change’s “baggage” (e.g., quasi-religiosity, fault-finding, Marxist ideology, good intentions — hell almost everyone has those — over good outcomes) will harm our environment by putting people off ecologically-friendly behavior. Especially on the individual level, which in my view underpins everything else.

So yeah, it was interesting to do the presentation.