Blast from the Past #1 – The Last Book

It started as a quote-file but somehow mutated.

While I was studying psychology (more than a decade ago), I did create a rather … huge book of quotations (2534 pages of quotations, I blame InDesign, it made creating such a book way too easy). So, yeah, it’s too long, too indiscriminate, but at that moment in time, they did make me think. It was also helpful to sort all the quotations I had at that time in different categories. And of course, the images were found online. So, just a private just-for-fun project.

At the time, I gave a CD with the book as PDF to two friends of mine (and I gave one copy to a person who turned out to be a mobbing asshole of a colleague … hmmm, my bad). Well, regarding the two people I did consider as friends of mine, they did not stay this way. Hmm … and that’s another story I’m not willing to share at the moment. But still, they used me, I used them, so I guess we’re quid pro quo.

Still, the book is actually interesting, I guess (also around 84 MB, highly compressed).