Quickly Downloading YouTube Videos via a JavaScript Bookmark

If we do not believe in freedom of speech for those we despise we do not believe in it at all.
Noam Chomsky

I recently tried to change my Browser from Firefox to Brave. Reason being that I was reminded that Firefox banned the Dissenter-Plugin, which makes any assertion about being for free speech a huge hypocrisy. Yes, people talk shit online. Yes, some people spew things that are ugly, semi-legal or even illegal. But that’s how you know free speech is still a thing. If there is nothing you find offensive, chances are, you are well-adapted to a sick society.

So I’m trying to switch to Brave.

But I found it hard to find a good video-download-plugin for Brave. Being based on the Chromium web browser, it seems to limit the options. But there are websites out there which offer you download links to youtube videos. You just have to open them and enter (copy-paste) the youtube link.

Or, use a JavaScript bookmark.

I’m definitely a sorcerer, not a wizard, when it comes to technology. But still, the following code seems to work:


Just create a bookmark with the following code as URL. If used while you are on a YouTube page, it will take the current URL — when you are on that YouTube video page — and use it to open another window of a YouTube video downloader.

And yeah, no warranty regarding that site. No idea even how they finance themselves. But it seems to work.

Update: Warning: The site sends you to others after you download a file. Likely due to advertisement. Current strategy: Simply close the window that opens after you click on “Download” without clicking on anything else.