Recommendation: YAF SUPERCUT: Best of Ronald Reagan

“The sharpest weapons in this new struggle are a razor-sharp wit and well-honed disdain for intellectual intolerance.”
Ronald Reagan

I recently stumbled upon the YAF Supercut of Ronald Reagan. Okay, truth to be told, I have the YAF on YouTube in an RSS Feed (via ). Still, it’s strange how the time seems to be perfect for someone like Ronald Reagan. The pendulum of history has — again — swung far to the government-control side, and it’s time to give people more freedom. Because who else but the people know best what is good for them?

(BTW, if you disagree with the “who else but the people know best what is good for them” assertion — are you really for democracy? Or do you want a dictatorship? Of one person, or of a group of elites, it doesn’t make any difference. If you don’t trust the people to decide what is best for them, democracy is off the table. At least be honest about it.)

So yeah, highly recommended. Especially the part starting around 8 minutes.