Recommendation: Steven Pinker: “An Unnecessary Defense of Reason and a Necessary Defense of the University’s Role in Advancing It”

“… so first off we are not living in a post truth era … why … why aren’t we … well if the statement we are living in a post truth air true, if so, it cannot be true, that is we are still evaluating propositions based on whether they are true, so we are not in a post truth era.”
Steven Pinker

Heterodox Academy’s “Half Hour of Heterodoxy” had a longer episode recently, but it’s well worth listening to. Steven Pinker gives a great overview of current undercurrents in universities. Something that so far seems to affect mostly elite American universities, but I’m pretty sure it will spill over to other countries — and continents. If it hasn’t already.

The description reads:

Harvard University professor and best-selling author Steven Pinker considers why open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement matter beyond the academy. He makes the case that healthy colleges and universities equip citizens, scientists, policymakers, parents, and others with the habits of heart and mind necessary to advance the human condition.

You also find the video on YouTube, but while he has a remote in his hand, you don’t see the slides (if he used any).

Highly recommended.