GoodNotes for iOS allows for good note-taking on an iPad Pro (with an Apple Pencil)

I mean when Pope Benedict asked Giotto for a drawing to prove his worth as an artist, what he did was draw a perfect circle freehand. Perfection is a powerful message.
The Sphere

There’s something to be said for handwritten notes. Even with a good keyboard (loud!), it’s just easier to write by hand if you are listening to lectures or presentations. Plus you can more easily do sketches. So I was looking for a good note-taking App and well, I followed the App store’s suggestion and wasn’t disappointed.

GoodNotes is a very nice app that works brilliantly with the Apple Pencil. In contrast to a few other apps I had tried, it’s snappy and provides all the necessary functions in an easy-to-reach manner. And the export is quite nice. Not sure whether swiping with two fingers to the left is a good way to create new pages, but yeah, great to thumb through the pages. (It even provides text recognition, but my results are mixed so far.)

Provides all the necessary functions — the writing area in the lower third of the screen is optional.

I tried it out when I was sitting in a presentation and needed something to jot down some notes. Apple’s notes is okay’ish (esp. considering the easy sync), but adding pages did not feel right, plus it occasionally had a strange lag of a few seconds.

And yup, the PDF export, nice. No need to digitize handwritten notes first. Also easy to type in the text later.

PDF-Export works well — some notes from a presentation (installed the app a few minutes earlier).

So, a nice app if you are looking something that works really well with an Apple pencil.