Notebook Skins (Update)

“This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.”
Rifleman’s Creed (from the movie Full Metal Jacket)

As written in this posting, I was thinking about personalizing my new MacBook Pro with a custom skin. Well, the final skins have arrived:

How it usually looks. I have left the Apple logo covered (for now), given that the logo does not glow anymore.
Overall, it has a notebook look (blurred out the eMail address). And yeah, here you can see the cut-out air vents/hinge and the bulging feet.
Sorry for the inconsistent colors, was a quick and dirty normally-not-the-time-but-want-to-put-it-online shot.

Like written in the legend of photo 2, I had to cut the bottom skin to uncover the air vents (I think they are air vents, or for the speaker? Anyway.) and the hinge itself. But that’s not the fault of the skin — it’s not designed to fit the bottom of the notebook. Perhaps I cut out the feet — might work, but might also be something the notebook gets stuck upon. Still not sure about the heat. So far, the temperature is within normal limits, but I didn’t run any resource intensive programs/tasks.

But yeah, so far, I like it.