Living in a Van (and exploring the world with it)

Never say β€˜no’ to adventures. Always say β€˜yes’ otherwise you’ll lead a very dull life.
Ian Fleming

I’m a fan of the tiny house movement, but I also follow interesting related movements like van dwelling (Reddit link). While tiny houses seem to be a great way to live in your own four walls on a budget (and with a strong focus on what’s important), they are not exactly made for exploration. They weigh too much and require a strong vehicle to pull them (and to stop them!).

But there are people who live in their vans and who have made cool modifications for this purpose.

For example, have a look at this video of a “normal” van transformed into a camper van to explore Europe:

Their website is on which they also describe the van conversion. And they have realized some beautiful ideas. πŸ™‚

Or how about this van from

Mike Hudson’s van in a wild camping spot. Image from his site at

Looks “normal” (“stealth”) from the outside, but it has a bed, shower, toilet, kitchen and the like inside:

The inside of Mike Hudson’s van. Image from his book: “From Van to Home”.

Very impressive. And it doesn’t stop there.

Mike Hudson’s book. Available for Β£10 as PDF on his site.

Mike Hudson from, the person who converted this camper van and lives in it, has recently published a book called “From Van to Home”. I had a quick look at it and while I’m not sure that I will try out to live in a van, it looks really useful. The creativity and attention to detail is impressive. He covers everything from the tools, the preparation of the van, the interior shell, bathroom (shower/toilet), kitchen, bed, water/gas/electrical system, storage, and the like.

In any case, also have a look at his blog. I’m not sure everything is in the book, e.g., how to install parking sensors. But having all the directly relevant info in that book — yeah! πŸ™‚

I think the only thing that bugs me regarding van dwelling is that living/traveling in a van does require gas (well, diesel). But it gives you a home on the road. And unless you’re couch-surfing, that’s one of the most expensive things when traveling.

So yeah, really, really interesting. Lots of the concepts tie in beautifully with tiny homes and liveaboard ships. And the limited space … beautiful constrains for creative solutions. πŸ™‚


  1. Those who’re interested in knowing more should search Youtube using keywords such as “stealth van.”

    Stealth vans aren’t just for travel. You can live in them if your work requires constant moves or if you’re living in a high-rent city with a low-rent budget (i.e. San Francisco).

  2. Yup, YouTube is also a source of information. Thank you πŸ™‚

    (And even without a shower in a van, it’s apparently possible to live quite well, e.g., by using the showers in a gym or the like.)

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