Good-bye, Gaming Mouse for Everyday Work

If you have eight hours to cut down a tree, it is best to spend six hours sharpening your axe and then two hours cutting down the tree.
Anonymous, on the benefits of having good tools

Sigh … after about 6 years, my beloved gaming mouse is dying. Well, the cable connection doesn’t work perfectly anymore, and if there’s anything that obliterates the usability of a mouse it’s intermittent connection losses.

And I’m not talking about these kinds of losses in games, e.g., in first person shooters, where a split-second decides about moving on or becoming a splatter on the wall. But in everyday work.

Because let’s face it — there’s hardly anything as useful as a gaming mouse as interface device. You can use the additional buttons for double-click, switch to another virtual desktop, close windows, and much more.

Super convenient.

But I guess years of carrying it in my backpack have taken its toll. And unfortunately, the gaming mouse I used (Logitech MX 518) is more or less discontinued, so I’m going to try the next version (Logitech G402).

Hopefully it works as well as its predecessor.

And yeah, if you haven’t tried it, try out a gaming mouse in everyday work.