Recommendation: Extra Credits

“You [humans] reveal yourselves best in how you play.”
Q in Star Trek TNG: “Hide And Q”

“Extra Credits” on YouTube is an impressive, constructive and well drawn/cut video series on YouTube about games. As usual, I don’t agree with everything they say. For example, I partly disagree with their against-stance on #GamerGate. And in general, when it comes to unreasonable expectations regarding female characters, it applies to male characters as well, but is often harder to see. But they sure do have a lot of good points.

Their intro video pretty much sums up their stance:

For example, how video games can enrich lives:

esp. regarding issues essential to what we are:

or address sex in games:

or specific characters:

But there are also meta-topics, e.g., the term “Gamer“:

or Game Reviews:

or even cultural “issues” like toxicity:

and issues even beyond slightly beyond gaming:

Love the constructive avoiding-current-news approach.