Recommendation: The Order of the Stick

Heroes have an infinite capacity for stupidity.
Thus are legends born!

Postings are kind of sparse at the moment, sorry. I did participate in a couple of workshops and I have a lot on my mind at the moment (esp. where my mind is going to be most of the time next year). And I’m still planning that posting on whether writing longhand is better for memorization than typing with a keyboard. But, hey, one recommendation. I recently stumbled upon “The Order of the Stick“. If you have ever played role-playing games (the nerdy … non-bedroom kind of role playing games), you might love this webcomic. It’s simplistic (the good kind) and quite funny. Beautiful characters, some go way over the top, some with beautiful understatement. Take for example this page, after the heroes survived the dungeon and stay in an inn for the night:

Page from “The Order of the Stick” ( by Rich Burlew.

Love it. 🙂

You can find them online starting with — where you not only find a lot of pages to read, but also calendars, figures and the like. (And despite me choosing that page as example, don’t be fooled. Some developments are quite sad. While the author breaks the fourth wall at points, he really knows how to tell a good story.)

Highly recommended.