Mashup Frenzy!

Why should I paint dead fish, onions and beer glasses? Girls are so much prettier.
Marie Laurencin

Two T-Shirts using “freely” available material.
Top: A “Zombies, Run!” T-Shirt.
Bottom: Using a quote by NeinQuarterly “Thank you, ideology. That explains everything.” (cited).
Screenshots from Zazzle (I think).
Actually, I have ordered the top one. Not sure sure about the bottom one. I usually think it’s counterproductive to put things like critical thinking into people’s face.

One of the nice things today is that you do not need to be able to draw, paint, or write beautifully to create nice designs:

Sure, own drawings, painting, and handwriting will always triumph over downloaded content. But when drawing, painting, or calligraphy skills are insufficient, these solutions are nice. So, it was never so easy to create — got anything you want to see in print or printed, this is your time.

Have fun 🙂

Actually a better subtitle than “Year of the Pensive Hare” (as class year), at least if you know “Unseen Academicals“.
Screenshot from Zazzle (I think).

P.S.: Of course, sometimes you have better ideas after you order the T-Shirts, for me this “Spirit of the Stairway” moment was when I thought about this subtitle to the “Unseen University” T-Shirt. But then again, that’s the nice thing about ideas — when you start realizing them, they improve. Sometimes to late for this batch, but there’s always another one.

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