How about a DIY standing desk?

Dogs sit under the desk and mind their own business.
Cats sit on the keyboard.
Solomon Short (David Gerrold)

I recently noticed that I have a really bad posture when sitting at my desk. While I am used to work for long hours at a desk, it begins to bug me. Wear and tear is fine for a while, but eventually it wears and tears you down.

So I have been looking around. While I throughly love reading on my back(*), that’s not a solution for every task, and a non-solution at work. But when looking around I stumbled upon a few nice standing desks.

There are a couple of postings highlighting the benefits, and people using them even after a year (same person, actually). Given the price of standing desks, even more impressive are the hacks out there, especially with parts from Ikea. I mean, seriously? So far I had considered Ikea as factory run-of-the-mill distributor of uninspiring wanna-be wood furniture. But yup, Ikea hacks are a thing and you can actually treat Ikea furniture as Lego pieces and build your own furniture with it. Cool. I’m impressed — and inspired.

So I’m having a closer look at standing desks, especially at the hack with the TV table. That seems like a simple/elegant solution. And I think it will be good for my neck, back, and posture.

(*) Actually, I did write this posting lying on my back, in my bed. But yup, very relaxing, just the network connection could be a bit faster (got a crappy mobile provider).


  1. Yes, with all the Ikea hacks around, combining different items in creative ways, it’d be great if Ikea would build that into their designs much like plastic storage containers stack. Make them work well together and offer plans for creative combinations.

  2. I had a comment recommending to switch between two hours sitting and two hours standing. Unfortunately, it was also coming from a site offering products in this regard. I am very keen on keeping my independence here. This site is a private project on mine. I do not use ads. I pay for the server out of my pocket, because I believe in what I write. And unfortunately, that comment included a link to that company. So sorry, I’ve marked it as spam. I am all for tips and tricks, but I draw the line when it’s advertisement.

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