Mood Management

“Even in your darkest moments,
you can always find something that will make you smile.”
Sisko in Star Trek DS9: “In The Cards”

One of the nice things about the Internet is that it can help you start each day with a smile — no matter how your life feels at the moment. (Viewer discretion is advised — smiles can get you killed in the morning. ;-))

As an update of this posting, here are some nice webcomics to start the day with:

  • Dilbert (
    Life in a large company — sometimes you see hints of what you encounter in your normal work life, and sometimes you have déjà-vu’s, and sometimes you can sum up a complex work situation with one comic strip.
  • Non Sequitur (
    Comic strips about life in general, mostly American life, but nevertheless understandable (and funny) from an international perspective.
  • PhD Comics (
    If you are doing your PhD thesis or are at the university, this is for you. It’s like with Dilbert — nobody on the outside believes you that something similar could happen … or did happen.
  • xkcd (
    Very smart comic strips about life in general, sometimes heavy on math/physics or programming.
  • Savage Chickens (
    This guy draws chickens. No, not really, but see for yourself.
  • Two Guys and Guy (
    I’ve never seen more than a few episodes of “Big Bang Theory”, but I guess this is the more sarcastic, more psychotic and — in general — smarter version of it. The quality is rather heterogeneously, so don’t stop too soon. There are some really good ones if you like the humor.
  • Incidental Comics (
    Beautifully drawn comic panels related to creativity.

And of course, these comics also all have an archive — you can go back if you feel like procrastinating. How is that for mood management? 😉

BTW, the Internet is not only good for short comic strips. There are some really good artists online who share their fully fledged graphic novels. How is that for artistic freedom when no “I must censor myself otherwise it will not get published” is involved?

A very interesting (and Not Suitable For Work) comic/graphic novel is “Sunstone” by Shiniez. Let’s call it the smart version of “50 Shades of Grey”, which isn’t all that hard(*). But this person really knows how to draw and convey mood and — with some artistic freedom — also understands the topic. Hmm, I guess these three panels show one aspect rather clearly:

Three panels from Shiniez’s “Sunstone” — click on the red area to see the image (not that NSFW, but probably a problem in some areas). And yup, ignore the text in the oval speech bubbles for the purpose of this citation.

Damn … the whole story … it’s hot and … romantic … and … nice. 😉 The creator has also made the PDFs freely available on deviantART, although due to the mature content you need a (free) account. Hmm, and definitely more something to end the day with a smile. 🙂 Seriously, if you like the topic it’s a strikingly beautiful series.

Hmmm, that’s the beauty of the Internet — despite all the noise and me too’s, there are people who create amazing works and put them online for all to see.

Beautiful 🙂


(*) Never read “50 Shades”, never will. I’ve read some reviews (best one so far here) … which were enough. Life is too short for bad porn writing.

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