Interesting Posting about Doing Science

Riccardo Guidi over at SciencePlug did an interesting posting about doing science that is well worth reading. He writes how he is inspired by Polly Matzinger, her way of doing science:

It turn out that Polly Matzinger personify all the good reasons why I would keep doing Science. Nothing more, nothing less. She is friendly and genuinely interested to everything that’s about human nature. She is Gold Open Access, disclosing everything she does, to everyone who’d ask. Even unpublished data, differently to other researchers that worry their ideas are too weak to stand competition, or foreseen in every single advise they give a lucrative collaboration [sick!].
Riccardo Guidi about “Why Polly Matzinger rescued my Science

what he need to do to be successful in science:

The bottom-line is: I will be unable to keep doing science the way I did so far. Meeting Polly made a point clear: if I wanna do this job, it must be at my 100%, and not because that’s necessary to succeed, but because it’s necessary for me to do it well. And gosh, I really want to do this well.
Riccardo Guidi about “Why Polly Matzinger rescued my Science

and what science is — or rather can be — all about:

I, along with all the other participants of Nov2k, experienced Polly’s concrete inspiration. I hope I’ll remember that research it’s about freedom, curiosity and joy.
Riccardo Guidi about “Why Polly Matzinger rescued my Science

It is great that these persons still exist — people showing what science can be, and those who are inspired by it and spread the word.

Kudos to you both! 🙂