That Typo

The difference between the right word and the almost right word
is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.
Mark Twain

I just received an semi-anonymous eMail:


And yup, a quick check with my favorite proof-reader confirmed that she was right … so I have made a quick update of the publicly available PDF file (read: I equally quickly checked it, so write me if something is wrong with the file), it is now version 2.21. However, I’m collecting more spelling mistakes before I change the commercial versions.

Hmm, and seriously, there are people who say when someone steals your book at least it shows that they like it. Personally, I like feedback and money — and the feedback today was really helpful to remove a really annoying spelling mistake from my book. I mean, I know the feeling, I just did a review of a paper in which the author spelled “sometimes” “somethimes” — brrrrr — but I missed this one (and yup, probably a few others more).

So, anonymous feedback giver — I can relate and thank you very much. Have fun with the updated version 🙂

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