Short Intermezzo: Nice Cover Mashup

Widespread caffeine use explains a lot about the twentieth century.
Greg Egan, “Distress” [add widespread Internet connectivity in the 21st]

Interrupting the series of postings about the scientific work … workshop for a moment — if you haven’t seen the mashup of the cover versions of Gotye’s cover of “Somebody that I used to know” … it’s quite impressive.

If you are in Germany, don’t bother with the YouTube link (yup, GEMA sucks as usual), but as pointed out in their article about it, there are other links available and they mention this and this one.

The embedded version of the first link should (hopefully) work also in Germany (man, sometimes I hate this country, or rather GEMA‘s position in it). But it’s impressive how a video turned out … the way it has spread … and how it was integrated back together in a mashup.

Embedded from the website

Cool … and nicely done, all the way.