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Not to end the day negatively after the last posting about collaborative editing:

“It should be pointed out that the term ‘G-Spot’ was not used by Grafenberg himself. As mentioned above, he called it ‘an erotic zone’, which is a much better description of it. Unfortunately, the modern use of ‘G-spot’ as a popular term has led to some misunderstanding. Some women have been led to believe, optimistically, that there is a ‘sex button’ that can be pressed like a starter button, at any time, to cause an erotic explosion. Disappointed, they then come to the conclusion that the whole concept of a ‘G-spot’ is false and that it does not exist. The truth, as already explained, is that the G-spot is a sexually sensitive patch of vaginal wall that protrudes slightly only when the glads surrounding the urethral tube have become swollen. Several leading gynaecologists denied its existence when it was first discussed at their conferences, and a major controversy arose, but later, when it was specially demonstrated for their benefit, they changed their minds.”
“The Naked Woman — A Study of the Female Body” by Desmond Morris

Choose a domain you love. 🙂

(No, my scientific research is not in that area, I work with the psychological processes of critical thinking and reflection in the context of mobile media — and hopefully soon with persuasive technology … hey, wait a second … ;-))

Good Night, and Good Luck. 🙂