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Anything free is worth what you pay for it.
Excerpt from the Notebooks of Lazarus Long in “Time Enough For Love” by Robert A. Heinlein

I have just finished creating the ePub version of “Organizing Creativity”. The quality is different to the PDF version available here, because with an eBook reader and its variable font and display sizes, it is impossible to format it like a normal book. Instead the text floats according to the available space. As tables do not work (well), I have replaced them with bullet point list. It is readable (I think), but not beautiful.

So, I have not only created ePub versions available on Lulu and CreateSpace/Amazon, but also created an eBook PDF. If you have anything close to an iPad, use the PDF. The quality is great and in contrast to the version available here for “free” (donation ware), it’s not exported as spreads but as one page version (meaning your can easily read it in full color on an iPad or similar device).

PDF Version

(formatted like a normal book, looks beautiful)

Version Price What I get
PDF two-page spread “free” (donationware) readership
Lulu eBook PDF version (1 page version, high resolution, approx. 24 MB) 20.00€ 17.33€

ePub Version

(only use this version if you have a small display, it was made for readability, but not for aesthetics)

Version Price What I get
Lulu ePub version (approx. 9 MB, floating text) 10.00€($13.24) 8.33€
Kindle Edition (ePub, floating text) $9.99 varies

Print Versions

(note that colors prints are really expensive, while black and white version just does not look … nice)

Version Price What I get
Paperback color versionNote that the minimum price is $48.09 — color prints are very expensive! $58.00 $17.55 (CreateSpace)
$5.95 (Amazon)
Paperback black & white version (Amazon Link — should work in a few days)Note that this is a black and white version! The preview is in color, but the print is greyscale (and the quality is not recommended). $20.00 $10.35 (CreateSpace)
$6.35 (Amazon)

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