Why Complete Freedom Is Not a Good Idea

“I’m free. Free of rules and reports, free of this life.”
“Free of life. Got another name for that – dead.”
Buffy, after becoming invisible, and Spike in “Buffy – The Vampire Slayer”

One thing that I always found strange is that some people wish to be completely free in what they do to be really creative. Not being forced to develop things for others, being forced to adhere to deadlines, or create remittance work.

It sounds strange, but I think that as much as we might wish complete freedom, it can actually be very bad for creativity. This might sound like betrayal if you are working in tight constraints, but consider it this way: if you had complete freedom, it would also mean that …

… no one gives you any feedback or issues any desires of things that might be interesting,

… no one cares what you do, because otherwise they would influence you, and

… you would not learn from anyone, because they would also influence you.

And without this, how can you develop yourself? So, in this regard perhaps some constraints, some deadlines, and some vested interest by others isn’t all bad.