Stack Exchange — A great place to get answers to questions

“There are Lupines out there.”
“This may sound like a really stupid question, but is this a problem?”
“Considering they want to kill us, um, YES!”
MacGregor and Jonathan

stackexchangeA few different people recommended Stack Exchange recently. It is a very interesting “network of 82 question and answer sites” (including cooking, statistics, photography, and yes, also personal productivity). What makes it different from typical FAQ sites and forums is that it is community driven, allows you to edit your questions (and answers), and it uses voting to get the most helpful/best answers to the top. Very useful to quickly get a good answer to a question that bugs you — I used the predecessor site StackOverflow to solve programming questions and opening up this principle to different topics when enough experts are available is a really great idea.

So, if you are learning something (or if you have acquired substantial knowledge and want to contribute), I highly recommend Stack Exchange.