OmniFocus as Task Manager

How this feels is I’m just another task in God’s daily planner: The Renaissance pencilled in for right after the Dark Ages. The Information Age is scheduled immediately after the Industrial Revolution. Then the Post-Modern Era, then The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Famine. Check. Pestilence. Check. War. Check. Death. Check. And between the big events, the earthquakes and tidal waves, God’s got me squeezed in for a cameo appearance. Then maybe in thirty years, or maybe next year, God’s daily planner has me finished.
Chuck Palahniuk

I’m currently trying out OmniFocus as task manager. I tried out some other programs before (including Things), but difficulties with synchronization made Things not that comfortable to use. OmniFocus seems to solve the matter much better and the interface is really thought out well, especially on the iPhone (and you can configure parts of the desktop version). The main disadvantage is the price, if you want to use the desktop (63€) and the iPhone version (16€) it’ll cost you (no reduced price for both!). On the other hand, this program does not make that much sense if you do not have it available on your mobile and on your desktop. Currently I spend the time walking to the office planing my day, but using only the iPhone version is not comfortable enough. At least you can trial the desktop version for 14 days.

I could write a little about task management here, but for the moment I’d like to point to the excellent series about OmniFocus at I think it covers a great deal of the things you might want to know about using task management systems and I can highly recommend it.

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