Traffic Plus

I have written a few postings about DEVONthink (I like this one here most), but it was a metaphor, comparing DEVONthink to the U.S.S. Enterprise that made it into the DEVONthink company blog. Strange … but effective — it lead to an immediate traffic plus:


It’s great, but also a little bit of bad timing, as I am currently working on the second version of the “Organizing Creativity” book (more concise, more practical, better layout), which will combined by a Wiki (only for information display, not for collaborative editing — it will provide direct access to information without having to sift through chronological blog entries). It think it will be useful and beautiful, but it will likely take me two or three months until it is finished.

So, if you just came via the DEVONthink blog or just dropped by for other reasons, you might find something (more) interesting here in a few months.

Until then, enjoy the entries here — I hope you find something useful for you.