Questionnaire for Organizing Creativity 2

It’s been a few years since I wrote “Organizing Creativity” and in the meantime I have learned a lot. I am also critical of the style of the book — I wanted to write everything I knew, I did and it shows. It contains a lot of information, but it is not exactly easy to read.

So, I am currently working on a new version, more concise and more useful for practical application. For this version I would like to ask you for your input. How do you organize your creativity? What skills and tools did help you? What gave you a boost in working. The questions are very broad and no matter how trivial or supposedly widely known it is, I really like to hear about it.

    Which skills help you to be creative?

    Which tools help you to be creative?

    Is there anything else you think is important for creativity or its organization? If so, what is it?

    In which areas are you creative?

    If you want to, you can also give your name and eMail, but you don't need to. I promise not to abuse this information.

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    Thank you in advance 🙂

    Daniel Wessel