Reading light for Writing

Bed Light 1
The reading light fixed to my bed post (top). Hair ties and duct tape work well.
I have written about a few ways to capture ideas in bed, because I think that a lot of ideas come either when you lie down to sleep and shut down or when you wake up in the morning. While cleaning up as part of my continuously running project “Ascesis” I stumbled upon a portable reading light for books. It reminded me of an article on Wired I had read years ago, regarding “ceiling pin lights” that “cast just enough focused light so one person can read while the other sleeps”. These lights — similar to the book light I found among my possessions — allow reading without waking the partner.

I found that I could easily attach the portable reading light to my bed to use it to cast just enough light to write while I am lying in bed. The light is so focused that it does only illuminate a small area where I place my notepad. While I usually prefer to use a pen that has a build in light source, this solution has its own merit: it is very practical when the light pen runs out of ink and for those moments when you want to see the whole notepad page (e.g., while sketching).

A fixed ceiling pin light would be preferable (especially in red as it would not destroy the adaptation to the dark), but for those who cannot afford it or seek a more simple solution, the portable reading light works just as well.

Bed Light 2
The book reading light switched on. The light is focused and is just enough to see the whole notepad area without disturbing the partner or hurting ones eyes like the main light would do.