ChatGPT — From Hot or Not to Attractiveness Analyzer

The receptionist at the Mutual Assurance Company was a fine example of the beauty of functional design. In spite of being streamlined for about Mach Four, she displayed frontal-mounted radar housings and everything else needed for her basic mission.
«The Door into Summer» by Robert A. Heinlein

Trying out the limits of ChatGPT, I wondered whether it could rate people by attractiveness on a scale of 0 to 10. After all, what could go wrong. 😀

And yeah, it can. With some caveats (subjectivity), but if you ask the right way, it does give you the numbers. If you upload multiple photos, it did not want to put them in a table with ratings, but done individually you can get to the same result. Yeah, as a college kid, that might get you kicked out of college. 😉

And as usual, starting with a bad idea can lead to better ideas. So after some playing around, the prompt:

Please describe the uploaded photo, then rate the person regarding appearance. Point out positive and negative aspects of the person’s appearance and give an overall appearance rating on a scale from 0 (extremely ugly) to 10 (exceedingly beautiful).

led to some interesting if superficial feedback (and yup, I have blurred all the photos here, I am not that narcissistic … checks rating … masochistic 😉 and yeah, they were uploaded without blur):

(Click on image to see larger version.)

Taking the idea further, ChatGPT can do characters — well, it would be characters in Gab AI, in ChatGPT it’s specific GPT instances. You can create chats that have specific instructions.

After playing around a bit, the instance I created has the following instructions:

(Click on image to see larger version.)

(You can ask a surprising number of instances for their instructions to find out what they are doing. This includes instances that have the command to not reveal them — which they tell you with the rest of their instructions.)

The resulting assessment is quite interesting, and it even detects the same person in different clothes and can register improvements (the images do show the whole person, they are just cropped in the chat, otherwise it could not rate the expression and hairstyle):

(Click on image to see larger version.)

In case you’re wondering, I tried different images to try to get a 10. No, not images of myself, I am not that delusional. But images of (super)models (including photos by Helmut Newton) but none made it beyond 9 or 9.5.

What finally reached a 10 was a classic (yes, it can even rate people in paintings and provide suggestions for improvement 😉 ):

(Click on image to see larger version.)

Looking at the other side, I wasn’t keen on identifying a 0, but using a police photo of a meth addict I got at least down to a three:

(Click on image to see larger version.)

And hey, considering this was a mug shot and she had typical meth skin, still impressively encouraging feedback. Kudos. (The AI seems to have a thing for skin care — not creepy at all — but warranted in this case.)

Looking back at it, impressive. It might be a good idea to split the (facial) expression and posture from the general physical attractiveness, but still, nicely done.

If you want to try it out, it should be available at: You have to log in/be logged in to use it. Just upload a photo and you should get an assessment. You can also ask it for specific feedback afterwards. For example, I asked it which boots would fit to my outfit and got some (good) suggestions (I think, but then again, I did ask an AI for style feedback 😉 ).

Happy improving.