ChatGPT Image Identification

«Damn it, User, I’m an AI, not an apothecary.»
An AI, if it could speak

It’s always interesting to me when people have some writing tattooed on their body. They must really really like it and find it meaningful to ink it on their body — or have been really drunk/depressed.

However, sometimes the writing is hard to make out, esp. when it’s in a YouTube video with a low resolution. Turns out, ChatGPT’s 4o model ( ) can identify even badly recognizable writing pretty well:

Or at least, I think it can. Hard to know without asking the person or finding a higher resolution image. I tried it with one of my notes that I could no longer decipher and, well, it was not so far off:

Looking at the interpretations reminded me what I wanted to capture.

So, yeah, not perfect, but a good second (or first) opinion.