Peak Design Camera Bag External Storage

[Tina is rummaging through her bag.]
«My Girl Scout training. I can live out of this bag for days if I have to.»
Tina in «Angel» S1E1

Trying out a Peak Design photo bag (Peak Design Everyday Messenger V2 13L). It is much studier than the Eastpak bag I usually use, so my camera is much better protected. Without having to add cushion plates.

Unfortunately, it is also a bit tight. While the camera (with a rather large zoom) fits perfectly, the 13-inch laptop pocket is a bit tight. Even worse, it is hard to find space for a water bottle and an umbrella when I already carry some other stuff. Additionally, storing a water bottle in a bag which contains electronic devices … that I cannot replace in case of damage — just seems like a bad idea to me.

Luckily, the bag has large loops for Peak Design Capture Camera Clips on each side. And they are perfect to hold something else: a bottle holder for example.

As do not own one, I invested 2-3 hours to sew it myself. Mostly using some belt material.

Two belts with sewn loops, sewn together as a cross — should be a very sturdy basis for the bottle holder.
Holding the belt-pieces in place to measure the bottom part.

I opted for a minimalist design. The broad belt on the bottom is fixed, there is no need for one near the top, as the belt to attach it to the bag keeps the top tight. And yeah, the belt attaching it to the bag can and should be improved. I used a broad belt, folded the edges (otherwise, I think it might cut through the loop over time), but did not consider how to fix it well.

The band securing the bottle is more-or-less optional, given that the holder is rather tight. But I feel better if it’s a bit more secured.

But for a first prototype, it works surprisingly well.

Besides the now (partly) solved storage issue, the bag is okay’ish to fine. A bit unstable when you put it down.

There is also a huge missed opportunity on the back side. It has an opening for suitcase handles (carry-on suitcase, you can put it over the handle of the suitcase to easily carry it). If they had put some velcro on the top and bottom openings you could still use it for the suitcase handle (just open the velcro), but additionally you could use it closed to carry, e.g., a tote bag (if you go shopping after work). The way it’s now, it is just a waste of material 99% of the time.

But still, overall, it works.