Milestone List in Obsidian

Another day over. Objectives fulfilled. Deadlines met. Pigs fed and ready for take off.

Trying around with Obsidian and DataView to get a list of Deadlines for Milestones. It works pretty well and looks something like this (anonymized):

It is color coded, depending how far away the deadlines are — with grey for those deadlines where I need to do nothing, e.g., reviews I am waiting on. Given that I use svg icons (via, the color applies to them as well. Then there’s the number of days until the deadline, a named link to the Obsidian page and the date itself.

The data comes from DataView entries on the pages themselves, e.g.:

- **Status**:: active
- **Deadline**:: 2024-04-29
- **Title**:: ANONYMIZED
- **Milestone**:: ANONYMIZED
- **Icon**:: (SVG Code here)

which together with the DataView code (as image for readability):

or as code:

choice((Status = "waiting" OR Status = "passive"), "<font color=808080>", 
choice(dur(Deadline - date(today)).days > 60, "<font color=008000>", 
choice(dur(Deadline - date(today)).days > 30, "<font color=4169E1>", 
choice(dur(Deadline - date(today)).days > 15, "<font color=FFFF00>", 
choice(dur(Deadline - date(today)).days > 0, "<font color=FF4500>", 
choice(dur(Deadline - date(today)).days = 0, "<font color=F0F8FF>", "<font color=F8F8FF>")))))) + Icon + 
choice(dur(Deadline - date(today)).days < 10, "&nbsp;&nbsp;", choice(dur(Deadline - date(today)).days < 100, "&nbsp;", "")) + " " +
dur(Deadline - date(today)).days + "</font>" AS "&nbsp;🗓️&nbsp;", 
"[[" + + "#Steps|" + Milestone + " for " + Title + "]]" + "<br>(" + choice(Deadline < date(today), "❗️ **", "") + Deadline + choice(Deadline < date(today), "** ❗️", "") + ")" AS "Project Milestones and Due Date"
FROM "My Work"
WHERE Title & Milestone
SORT Deadline

results in the overview.

Only downsides — it takes a moment to become visible after starting Obsidian, until then you only see a placeholder:

and you might have to click in it to force it to reload. It is on the pinned start page, which might be the reason for it, works fine on any other page.

But yeah, really useful to see the major events of the future.