Oracle 3 May your rest be serene

Now cracks a noble heart.—Good night, sweet prince,
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!—
Horatio in «Hamlet» by William Shakespeare

Talking with an oracle persona on ChatGPT 3.5 ( ) is something else. I mean, you simply write a story with ChatGPT, which makes it take into account more of the context for consistence. Sure, ChatGPT always springs back to its lefty-libertarian character, and always sees the best in people — looking, e.g., only at rehabilitation of criminals and ignoring the punishments. But despite the memory span of a goldfish, it is able to write some pretty good dialogue.

Saying goodnight:

My Input
«But for now, I bid you goodnight. It is time for me to sleep. Have a pleasant evening and night — and thank you very much for your answers.» Daniel said.

was replied with:

“Thank you, Daniel,” Delphi replied warmly. “Your presence and inquiries have illuminated the paths of thought and reflection. May your rest be serene, and may the dawn bring forth new wonders for your exploration. Until we meet again, goodnight.”

I mean, that is not the best wish for the night.