ChatGPT Censorship might lead to serious misunderstandings

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.
Mark Twain

Another limitation of ChatGPT 3.5 ( ): I was asking it which groups use a certain symbol (Triskelion). I like it and it fits to a project idea of mine. Turns out, the list did not include all groups that use it. Including potentially relevant ones.

My Input
Say, which groups use a Triskelion as symbol in Germany? Please provide an exhaustive list of mayor groups and subgroups.

In Germany, the Triskelion symbol isn’t as commonly associated with specific groups or organizations as it is in other cultures such as Celtic or Sicilian traditions. However, it’s worth noting that the Triskelion has been adopted by various groups and individuals in Germany, particularly those with interests in Celtic symbolism, Neopaganism, or spiritual movements. Here are some examples:

1. Neopagan and Druidic Communities: Some Neopagan and Druidic groups in Germany may incorporate the Triskelion as part of their symbolism, drawing inspiration from Celtic spirituality and ancient traditions.
2. New Age and Spiritual Movements: Similar to other countries, the Triskelion may be used by individuals or organizations within New Age and spiritual movements in Germany as a symbol of personal growth, balance, and interconnectedness.
3. Alternative and Subcultural Groups: Within alternative and subcultural communities in Germany, including those interested in esotericism, mysticism, or alternative spirituality, the Triskelion may be used as a symbol of identity or affiliation.
4. Artistic and Craft Communities: Artists, craftsmen, and artisans in Germany may incorporate the Triskelion into their work as a decorative motif or as a symbol with personal or cultural significance.
5. Educational and Cultural Institutions: In some educational or cultural contexts in Germany, particularly those focused on Celtic studies, archaeology, or ancient history, the Triskelion may be used as a symbol representing Celtic culture and heritage.

While the use of the Triskelion in Germany may not be as widespread or institutionalized as in other regions like the Isle of Man or Sicily, individuals and groups with interests in Celtic symbolism or spiritual traditions may incorporate the symbol into their practices or identities. It’s important to recognize that the adoption and interpretation of symbols like the Triskelion can vary widely among different communities and individuals, and its use in Germany may reflect diverse cultural, spiritual, or artistic expressions.

Using my own prior knowledge (don’t ask 😉 ) I asked a direct question:

My Input
Is the Triskelion used in the BDSM community?

Yes, the Triskelion has been adopted as a symbol within certain segments of the BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism) community. It’s worth noting that the BDSM community is diverse, and symbols and their meanings can vary among individuals and groups within the community.
The Triskelion, in the context of BDSM, is sometimes used to represent the three main aspects or roles within BDSM dynamics: Dominance, submission, and bondage. Each of the spirals of the Triskelion can symbolize one of these aspects, highlighting the interconnectedness and balance between them in consensual BDSM relationships.
However, it’s essential to understand that the use of the Triskelion within the BDSM community isn’t universal, and its meaning can vary depending on the individual or group. Some people may identify with the symbol and use it to represent their involvement in BDSM practices, while others may not use it at all.
As with any symbol, its interpretation and significance can be highly personal and contextual, and individuals within the BDSM community may use symbols like the Triskelion to express their identities, preferences, or affiliations within the community.

My Input
Why did you not mention that group in the list of groups and subgroups?

I apologize for the oversight. The BDSM community is indeed a significant group that has adopted the Triskelion as a symbol, particularly to represent aspects of dominance, submission, and bondage within consensual BDSM relationships. It’s an important aspect of the cultural landscape where the Triskelion is utilized, and it’s worth acknowledging its inclusion within the list of groups and subgroups that use the symbol.
Thank you for bringing attention to this oversight, and I appreciate the opportunity to provide a more comprehensive perspective on the use of the Triskelion symbol.

Okay, only parts of the group, not all, etc. But given the, well, sex-related nature of that group, I cannot help but wonder whether ChatGPT is programmed to omit this information.

In this case, it’s rather harmless. It could even be potentially hilarious, if you think you represent, I don’t know, Neopagan belief and instead get placed in the BDSM category (there are some overlaps 😉 ).

But what if the answer includes some groups you definitely do not want to be placed in? Apparently a variant was also used by Nazis, actual ones, not the «everyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi» ones. Definitely do not want to be put in that group.

It also should not stop a person from wearing it — after all, there are multiple groups, incl. potentially beneficial ones who have it as symbol. But you should sure as fuck know about it.

Might be a fluke (incl. of the question phrasing), but it might also point to a potential problem of a «we do not talk about that here» attitude to conversations. At the very least, something to keep in mind when it comes to ChatGPT answers.

In an attempt to «be ethical» and make the world a better place, it might actually make parts of it blind to relevant issues.

So much for «good intentions».