Don’t be the bitch of the system

«He [Novak Djokovic] also showed people that you don’t have to just take it. You don’t have to relentlessly be the bitch of the system. And they want us all to be the bitch.»
Dave Rubin

It is interesting to see how «The Rubin Report» develops over time. From a person leaving the left, being open, to someone who has increasingly solidified positions. There are sill interviews — if not as long as the ones by Joe Rogan — and somewhat interesting commentary. And sometimes — with the quote above — he hits the nail on the head.

The quote refers to Novak Djokovic decision not to get vaccinated against Covid and dealing with the consequences — unable to play in some important matches. But — at least with Covid vaccinations and his professional success — it turned out in his favor.

And while I am not sure in which direction «The Rubin Report» develops in the future, still a recommendation (more the interviews, less the daily outrage).