Try one of everything you can eat or drink: Stamp Cards for Variety

[Data finds a drink unpleasant – the first time ever he has this emotion.]
Data: «I hate this! It is revolting!»
Guinan: «More?»
Data: «Please!»
«Star Trek Generations»

During a city tour, the tour guide commented that the restaurant we were in has over 40 different toppings. Thinking about it, what is the chance that someone tries all 40? I mean, even if you want to, it is hard to remember what you have already tried. Esp. when you do not eat there each and every day.

So why not offer a stamp card that makes it easy to track? I mean, there are already loyalty cards (e.g., use it 10 times, get the eleventh one free).

It’s not only useful for toppings, but also for other foods and drinks with lots of variants. Ice, pizza, coffee, etc.

And yeah, it could be offered by the café or restaurant, or you could simply create it yourself. Just take a photo of the choices and create a card at home. And hey, you could go for completion, but you could additionally jot down whether you love, like, tolerate, dislike or abhor it. A few simple symbols (smileys) will do.

And yup, of course, an app would work as well. A simple list in a task manager would do the trick, albeit with less style. 😉