Update and Shedding Skin

Life is about change,
sometimes it’s painful,
sometimes it’s beautiful,
but most of the time it’s both.
Lana in Smallville: «Metamorphosis»

Hmm, the last posting has been a while, how was it, time flies when you are having fun. One of the main reasons for the lack of postings. And mostly because I was changing my infrastructure. After all, if you have used something for 10+ years, it might be time for a change.

Akin to a snake shedding its skin — when the skin becomes too confiding.

Main change was to switch from DEVONthink to Obsidian. That took — and still takes — a while. But, damn, that is one great app. Kudos. See this posting: Switching from DEVONthink to Obsidian and the introductory posting to Obsidian.

Then some things just worked out when it came to changing habits, including reading more books. See this posting: Changing Habits to Read More Books.

And then there is a change in my work-life balance, which works out so-so. It’s actually quite hard not to work more than you are paid for in Academia. Mostly because I love the work too much. See this posting: Changing Work-Life Balance and Calendar Time Management.

And then there are small things, mostly done en passant. But they add up. Still, with a change workflow for postings, I should be able to post more frequently. See this posting: Using Obsidian and R for a Blogging Workflow.

But yeah, let’s write.