What does the Health App know?

Hermione: «Checkmate.»
Ron: «Period!»
Hermione: «I thought your catchphrase was ‹bloody hell›?»
Ron: «Same thing.»
Harry Potter Meme

One of the frequently mentioned Covid so-called-Vaccine side-effects are menstrual cycle irregularities. It’s probably rather hard to get reliable data on it, but I wonder whether companies like Apple do not have that data already.

After all, you can use the Apple Health App to track your cycle. Even without also tracking when the person was «vaccinated» (first, second, third, fourth time’s the charm), an increase in the average deviation would point to potential problems. There is even an option to allow for «Cycle Deviation Detection». If the so-called vaccination status is tracked as well, heck, you could look for changes in cycle some time after the «vaccinations».

Over lots and lots of women.

And yeah, there are weaknesses with this approach, not to mention data protection issues. It’s also not an experiment, so you cannot say that the so-called vaccines are at fault. But you might find indicators of trouble. But on the other hand, if no changes are found, it would be unlikely that the vaccines would have that effect. (Unless the noise drowns out the signal.)

So yeah, I wonder what the Apple Health App knows (and all those other Cycle Apps). And what all those apps and trackers could tell us, if we ask the right questions. There’s lots of (explosive) potential here.