Rich Hot Chocolate

«Coffee, chocolate, men … . Some things in life are just better rich.»

I recently discovered a taste for hot chocolate. Usually using only cocoa powder with hot water. Then there is cocoa with valerian (marketed as «relaxation chocolate», a name well-deserved), which works very well if you additionally add cocoa powder.

But what put these hot chocolates on another level was adding a (rather expensive) piece of chocolate. Like this dark chocolate with some chocolate filling:

Not an ad, just an example of the kind of chocolate I mean. This isn’t something you’d usually eat in one go, unlike other kinds of chocolate. (On the other hand, it’s a bitch to handle in even moderately warm temperatures. You can’t even break off pieces without it smearing on your hand.)
(I should have taken the photo before drinking, but hey, it smelled nice …)

Sounds strange, but works very well. It’s a bit like being used to drink wine, and then drinking brandy. Or eating some cheap chocolate and then tasting an expensive filled chocolate. Related yes, but on a whole different level. A chocolate hit that stays with you for a while.

BTW, talking about drinking chocolate, adding white chocolate to hot milk also tastes surprisingly well (use the non-crunchy one):

A piece of white chocolate dissolved in hot milk.

Happy … trying out. 🙂