Dual iPad Transport Case

«Why build one when you can build two for twice the price?»
S. R. Hadden in «Contact»

At work, we have developed digital prototypes for a project (I’m deliberately vague here). To show off these prototypes at conferences and on other occasions, we usually use iPads. However, transporting them is a … is not something that is that enjoyable.

While there are covers to iPads, lots of them, I was looking for something that stores two at once. I have an old idea of a kinda book, using two iPads for the left and right side, but it’s about transportation only. At the event, they are used separately.

So, the easiest solution (I found) was to invest about two hours and sew a dual cover myself. I did not go for water proof or even weather resistance, but simply for some basic protection. The result was a folder that keeps the screens facing each other when closed:

Sewing the dual iPad holder left on left. And yeah, the black fabric is from a curtain, the pink fabric is cheap microfiber material for cleaning. Might work on the screens, which face this fabric.
I had a general idea (and a sketch), but when sewing it was mostly «this could work». First prototype level.
Did fold the borders two times and fixated them with small clips.
Sewing them onto the curtain and cleaning fabric also gave a rather thick border. Might help holding the case when it is closed.
Also cutting the fabric and keeping the borders thinner would probably have been better.
Finished case, right side out. Once closed, the iPads should stay inside, each in its own pocket, with the screens facing each other.
Rather snug, but it works.
Folded together.
Borders are a bit thick but they work.
Thought about a few other things, like using velcro to keep it together, or adding a business card holder (if I lose it). But for a prototype, that’s enough. Also wanted to use Cordura originally. But the curtain fabric is more flexible and much, much cheaper. After all, these aren’t my iPads, and I cannot use the cover for anything else, so I am hesitant in spending too much.

The fabric is from a curtain I cut down to side (and sewed … nah, that’s another posting).

Seems to work out well — the case is rather snug — but the next months will show whether it works.