Old Books (and much more) for Free :-) (Archive.org’s Book Archive)

More books than you could ever read – in your local library.

Looking for an old book, I stumbled again upon the archive.org database of books:


Dang. That’s … that’s like seating a weight watcher at an all-you-can-eat buffet table. Of course, not all books are available for download, you have to set the correct lending status:


But even those books are … enough. For a lifetime. Found a few interesting books on photography and sewing. Try it out and search for a topic that interests you, you might find something as well. Check the download options, in many cases you’ll find a PDF option there.

BTW, the book I was looking for was «How to live on 24 hours a day» (wanted to look for a better designed version that the Project Gutenberg one), they have multiple scans of it:


Incl. two free audio book versions, e.g., this chapter: https://archive.org/details/howtoliveon24hoursaday_1504_librivox/howtoliveon24hoursaday_04_bennett_128kb.mp3

Happy book gorging.


BTW, They have old magazines as well (e.g. LIFE). And comics (e.g., https://archive.org/details/ForbiddenWorlds ). And Manga artbooks ( https://archive.org/details/manga_artbooks ). And … oh-la-la, so much more, incl. «The Ethical Slut» and some definitely NSFW books (unless you’re in sex work). Dang, that bottomless well is killing my time. Ha, and lesbian sex manuals (the good, HD kind). Dang, and a Luis Royo art book ( https://archive.org/details/artbook-Luis_Royo_-_Dead_Moon_Artbook … dang, atrocious compression). And much, much, more … yikes, brain is overheating.