Full-Use Whiteboard

Best blackboards: At Fermilab, every office has at least one that stretches from the floor to the ceiling.
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I found it inconvenient that the whiteboard space was also used for magnets (to hold paper), the whiteboard marker holder, and the eraser (has a magnet so it stays on the whiteboard). The magnets were easily removed — if I need to put something on the whiteboard, I’ll just take them out again. But the holder for whiteboard markers and the eraser have to be near the whiteboard.

So, I drilled a hole into the holder (using a drill for metal), put a nail though it and nailed it on the wall. This left only the eraser, but given that it has a magnet inside, I only needed a metal area. Luckily, the cheapest coin in Germany is magnetic. Glueing two on the holder (and putting some scotch tape over it to protect the eraser) worked well.

Holder for whiteboard makers. There is a hole in the back for a nail (two would have been more stable). The two 1 cent coins are for the magnetic eraser.
The magnetic eraser — sticks to the holder due to its integrated magnet and the two 1-cent coins.

End result: The whole whiteboard can now be used.