Pendant Holder for Sports

«I signed up for a yoga class. They say it will help me achieve harmony and balance. Failing at that, I plan to stare at stretchy women.»
Wally in a Dilbert Comic (

I always wear a pendant, which can get annoying in some situations. For example, during some sports in can get in the way, and taking it off before hand is not an option (it just isn’t). Given that I also always wear a Buff or similar piece of clothing around my neck, I thought in that direction for a solution. I could use the Buff and wrap the pendant in its folds, but it does not stay put.

So I thought about a different idea:

Quick — if I do not jot it down I not only forget it but also forget that I had an idea — sketch of a broad collar with a pocket for the pendant.

to the first prototype:

Sewn broad collar with a pocket for the pendant. The opening is smaller on purpose. Given the four-way stretch material, I can push the pendant inside and it is unlikely to fall out by itself.

Not perfect, but given that I did sew the whole thing and I am still a beginner, it’s okay’ish with (lots of) room for improvement. Stil having difficulties sewing a straight line. Hmm, and the pocket would have turned out better if I had sewn it in before sewing the kerchief itself.

But it works, esp. considering it’s four-way stretch material. I can simply put the pendant into the pocket and it stays there. And yeah, the full pocket is a slight overkill. A single piece of cloth sewn to the kerchief would have been enough. And I probably won’t wear it outside of sports. It does look a bit like a choker. Perhaps I should add some white in the front and go for a priest look. 😉

So yeah, it’s for sports. I don’t expect to look pretty during sports (nor outside of it, come to think about it ;-)).